Some days are like that

By Mir
December 1, 2004

Some days are flawless, seamless; every need is met, unexpected joys abound, and the minutes and hours flow effortlessly as you luxuriate in the blessing that is life.

Some days are dark and rainy and cranky; everyone grumps at everyone else, an unexpected bill for far too much money arrives on the tail end of the holiday spending and the realization that tuition is due today, and you find yourself in the kitchen screaming at inanimate objects (“Cool Whip! Why are you frozen?! I need sugar DAMMIT!”).

Let’s pretend I’m having the first sort of day. Thanks.


  1. Sheryl

    There are TWO kinds of days?

  2. Sheryl

    Oops, pressed post to quickly… sorry you’re having a rough one. Can you thaw Cool Whip in the microwave?

  3. Ben

    Stupid cool whip. What kind of friend is frozen at at time like this?

    Hope things are better, and soon.

  4. Jenny

    Frozen coolwhip is pretty okay, actually.

  5. Janet

    And why can’t you chip some of the frozen cool whip off and pop it in your mouth?

  6. Liz

    I’m picturing you huddled in the closet, licking a frozen tub of Cool Whip. Mmmmm, Cool Whip.

  7. Katie

    Let’s pretend I had the first sort of day too. Damn frozen Cool Whip!

  8. Cat

    I LOVE frozen Cool Whip…it’s kindda like light frozen ice cream. I’m agreeing with Janet: chip off a chunk and munch on it a bit.

  9. jilbur

    Wait a minute. You can eat Cool Whip™ thawed??

  10. Mindie

    I feel that way sometimes too. lol No worries. Hope you feel better and more calm. Don’t worry, be happy *Hums*

  11. girl

    Must be one of those days all around. If I hear myself say “please stop whining” one more time today I’m afraid I’ll implode.

  12. Carmen

    Am I the only one who hates Cool Whip? Thank God my son is allergic to some of the ingredients, and I never have to have it in the house again.

    Now, Dream Whip – in years past, I would eat that. Talk about gross now, though.

    Anyone want to join me at the fridge? I’ve got a few cans of spray REAL whip cream.

  13. Shiz

    I’m picturing you huddled in the closet, licking a frozen tub of Cool Whip. Mmmmm, Cool Whip.

    Liz, that’s hilarious!

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