In which you totally wish I was your mom

By Mir
November 23, 2004

T-minus three hours until the Thanksgiving Feast at preschool. Bring it on.

I’ve had half a gallon of water so far this morning. Dehydrated, much? Hey, at least it’s staying in my stomach….

There’s a pan of brownies cooling on the counter. (What, you don’t have traditional Betty Crocker Thanksgiving brownies at your house…?) A double batch of dough for Kira‘s amazing molasses cookies is chilling in the fridge, just waiting to be formed and baked.

Why I signed up to bring two desserts, I have no idea. Oh, wait. Yes I do. It’s the old “I’d like there to be some choices that won’t kill my son” thing. Now I remember. Anyway. I signed up to bring two desserts, and dammit, I’m bringing two desserts. This will also give me some extra cookies to give to the neighbor and our sitter. But if you catch me fashioning my own hand-dyed raffia ribbons and stamped recycled paper bags to put them in, please shoot me. I have my limits, you know.


  1. Busy Mom

    Hey, I’m going to a Thaksgiving Feast will small children today, too!

  2. Ben

    Glad you’re retaining water!

    Oh, wait, that’s not right. Let’s try again:

    Glad you’re less sick!

    Oh, and I DO wish you were my mom. I loave me some molasses cookies. In fact, I ‘signed up’ to bring some to my mom’s on Thursday (yes, friends and neighbors, I’m actually going to physically see and spend time with my family for the first time since August)

    Hope the Feast is spectacular!

  3. Amy

    You are Supermom! I am Suckfulmom! I too am attending a preschool Thanksgiving party today, and I am also bringing dessert. Which is a package of frosted animal crackers. In my defense, my son picked them out…still. You win.

  4. karen

    My kids are also snotty – and I NEED TO KNOW: Did those strippy things work?

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