In which I pat myself on the back

By Mir
November 15, 2004

As Alektra noted, I can now bid Safari users a hearty welcome. Welcome, Safari users! I do adore Mac users, as they are warm and fuzzy and crunchy and granola-y all at the same time, and I did not mean to exclude you from using my pretty, pretty new site. With a little help… okay, a LOT of help from a kind samaritan, I managed to fix the problems that were weirding out Safari. So! Now! I present Woulda Coulda Shoulda, now with more Macalicious goodness! There are some other little code quirks I’m still working out here and there, so always feel free to let me know when something looks wonky. Really, it’s okay to make me cry….

More reasons we can all admire and adore me today:

It’s Monday, and we made it to the bus stop on time! Truly this is a rare and notable event. There wasn’t even any screaming! And I may have been there in my pajamas, but no matter! And that thing? That my hair does in front? Totally on purpose! Everyone in Milan is doing it! You didn’t even notice, because you were so busy admiring my new glasses!

I continue to rock on eBay. No, really. After two rounds of auctions that were fairly successful, I started looking around for more stuff I could sell. And then, like the true geek I am, I researched what was selling high that I might have down in basement or whatever. And the things that are selling well that I seem to own? I slapped right on up there for auction. Me so smart! If souls were going for a lot of money on eBay right now? I’d totally be selling mine. If I had one.

I’m all caught up on email. For once. Unless, of course, you mailed me and are still waiting for a response. In which case I am terribly far behind because I have been swamped with saving the world and whatnot. And I beg your patience and understanding. Thanks. You’re swell.

I have taken brave measures to keep my vow not to overdo sugar. This weekend? I had some friends over for a girls’ night. Now, I don’t know about guys, but when girls get together? There must be food. Lots of food. Some salty, some sweet. It also helps if you have champagne purchased by someone else sitting around from the “Happy Divorce” party that you never had. Obscure Nicole Kidman movies that lend themselves to extraneous taunting narration (“Hey! You’re sleeping with Hannibal Lecter! Beware the fava beans!”) are good, too. Yes, we know how to party hearty at Casa Mir! Anyway, I made key lime bars because I made my friends bring the movie and all the other food and I wanted to make a cursory attempt to appear to be a good hostess. We had an awesome time on Saturday night, but there were key lime bars left over. Oh no. I can’t have stuff like that sitting around, you know. So I ate the rest of them. So that they wouldn’t be sitting around for me to eat. See how clever I am?

A large coffee is only $.64 at McDonalds! Which may! Account! For all of the exclamation points! I seem! To be using today! But it also means I dropped the kids, ran some errands, came home, and did not go back to bed. Which means! I can! Do more stuff! It also means I was fairly budget-conscious. Extraordinarily budget-conscious, actually, since I took the $.64 out of Monkey’s bank. Haha! Kidding! (I took it from Chickadee.)

Ahhhhhh. Don’t hate me because I’m fabulous. I can’t help it.


  1. susan

    I am glad you got it working for the mac. I was going to send you an email about it, but I didn’t want to sound rude! Smooches, girlfriend, keep up the good work.

  2. lu

    Mir, the new place is just charming. How can a girl get your recipe for key lime bars? YUM! Oh, and woohoo on the ebay front. I’m hoping by mere association that some of your good luck will rub off on me as I take advantage of an upcoming three week(!!) break from school and head back into the auction trenches.

  3. alektra

    Does it help that I have been scrounging the change on my floor for enough to buy a candy bar today? And came up short, but hey.

  4. Coleen

    Congratulations on the move!

  5. Amalah

    New! Site! Is! Pretty! And Starbucks! Has raised! Coffee prices! Which has! Not! Stopped! Me! At! All!

    But I think I might need to check out McD’s because LORDY.

  6. Philip

    It’s like you’ve given ME glasses! I can read your site now! No more crumply paper background (which was cool and all, but hard to see micro-fine itty, bitty font print on top of it). You know if you’re really budget concious, go to the bank, they always have free coffee brewing. Glad your week is off to a good start.

  7. Fraulein N

    A large coffee is 69 cents?! Okay, I don’t even WANT McDonald’s coffee, but now I feel that I must buy it. Because it’s 69 cents! For a large!

  8. zee

    lookin’ nice!

  9. bad penguin

    I love your new design. Congratulations on making the move from blogger. I’ve been thinking about doing that myself.

    And doesn’t everyone eat their leftover baked goods so that they won’t be hanging around as a temptation?

  10. Terri

    I just recently bought the Sex and the City trivia game – I can’t wait till my next Girls Night!

  11. Chasmyn

    Oh, I LOVE the new look!

    I’m sure I’m totally late but I just had to tell you anyway, I really like it.

  12. Scully

    You sound a little down – maybe another cup of Mickey D’s coffee would help perk you up!

  13. Shiz


    I use Safari at home on my wubberful Mac.

  14. Shiz

    By the way, you ARE fabulous, you know?

    Too much ass kissing?

  15. Jules

    Congrats to a great start to week!!

    And Shiz? Never too much ass kissing :D

  16. Casey

    You know, I actually know people who make their entire living off ebay…..and do pretty well….with your knack for bargan hunting …you could probably do pretty well too

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