She gives great encore

By Mir
November 11, 2004

Because I have all the memory and learning capacity of a paramecium, I turned on my Ben Folds Five CD in the car again today. When “Song for the Dumped” came on I immediately hit the button to skip to the next track, and Chickadee threw a hissy fit.

Her: NO! Go back! I like that song!!
Me: Honey, I don’t think we should listen to it.
Her: But I LIKE IT!
Me: *wavering; hey, I like it too* Well, I guess we can listen to it, as long as you understand they use some bad language in this song that we will not be repeating. We don’t use words like that, right?
Her: Right. I know, Mama.
Music: Well fuck you too! Gimme my money back, gimme my money back, you bitch!
Her: Mama?
Me: Yes, honey? *thinking: ooooohhh no*
Her: I would never talk like that. I would say, “May I have my money back, please?”
Me: MMmmffflllggg!
Her: Why are you laughing??


  1. thicket dweller

    I’m here to give some lovin’ to one of your orphaned posts. :-) And what a funny-bone tickler it is! Oh, how many times I’ve hit the “fwd” button, trying to be inconspicuous (usually it’s a Bare Naked Ladies or David Wilcox song) only to hear a voice from the back seat call out, “Hey! Why’d you do that? I like that song!”

    Your new place looks great. The thing that makes your new pad and your old apartment such a riot to visit is this one common denominator.

    They’re both so easy to get to on that newfangled World Wide Web thingy.

    Kidding! I’m just KIDDING!

    Of course, your charm, wit and writing talents are the wonderful glue that holds your virtual digs together. Keep it rolling. You put a smile on my face!

  2. elswhere

    Visiting this post again in your new place because it cracks me up, not least because it reminds me so of my girl.

    I have mentioned before, haven’t I, that Chickadee and Sarah appear to be clones separated by 3,000 miles and two years? So prim and proper. Except when they’re not.

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