Ummmm… expensive bug bites??

By Mir
October 8, 2004

Chickadee and I were driving to Monkey’s school to pick him up, and she asked me to turn on the music. I punched up the Ben Folds Five CD I’d been listening to, earlier. “Song For The Dumped“* started.

My hand went to the knob, and stopped. A glance in the mirror revealed Miss Chickadee bopping around in her seat, rocking out to the beat, and generally appearing unmindful of the lyrics. Maybe I’d just let it play. Turning it off would take more explaining.

As we walked into the school, Chickadee turned to me and asked:

“Why do they itch? Will they stop itching if they give the money back?”

* For the unfamiliar who perhaps don’t feel like following the link, the lyric in question is “Gimme my money back / Gimme my money back / You bitch.”


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