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By Mir
November 9, 2004
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I haven’t the heart to embed a pic of myself in the post so that it flashes right up at you when the page loads. Heck; turning the loyal Blog Explosion surfers to stone isn’t explicitly stated as grounds for expulsion from BE, but I’m guessing that if word got around, I’d be in trouble.

But you all responded so kindly to the pic of just my eyes and specs (although someone said my eyes are brown and I cried because they’re hazel and I felt so misunderstood). It became a real personal challenge to figure out how to snap a pic of myself either by stretching my arms or using the mirror. The result is here for your viewing pleasure. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I kid! Obviously, that’s not really me. That chick is way better looking than I am; also in better focus, with some actual color balance, and not smiling the big ol’ fake smile of “dear sweet Jesus make this photo be halfway presentable or I am going to smash this here camera into tiny little bits and never let such a device anywhere near me ever again, amen.” Also, her eyes aren’t hazel. So eventually I gave up, accepting that I am to be slightly blurry and yellow-tinted (you can’t use an attached flash in the mirror, ya know), and vowing never ever ever to promise the internet a picture of me ever again.


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