Newsflash: it’s not anonymous!

By Mir
November 5, 2004

So, hi, friends, and newcomers from Blog Explosion. You do all realize that when you rate blogs, it’s not anonymous, right? Because, um, I’m not gonna name any names, here, but some people who have me blogrolled have recently gone to Blog Explosion and given my little ol’ blog a lousy rating.

This leads me to believe one or more of the following:

1) You’re stupid.

2) You have lousy taste.

3) Someone held a gun to your head and forced you to blogroll me (and really, if that happens? please contact the news because I think such a story would be fascinating), and then you thought you were rating me anonymously and I wouldn’t know it was you.

4) You’re drunk.

I mean, hey. Whatever. It’s not a huge deal. But why blogroll me if you think I suck? I don’t get it. Of course, there are lots of things I don’t get. Like low-carb pasta. Or thinking that exercise is fun. Or decaffeinated coffee. Or refusing to enjoy movies that have subtitles. Or brazilian bikini waxes. The list goes on; this is just to show you that I’m fully aware that lots of things in the world puzzle me and I’ve made peace with this confusion. This particular thing, though? I think may be predicated on the notion of some sort of stealth and incognito-ness, and if that’s the case, I just wanted to let y’all know you’re mistaken.

And also busted. Thanks, by the way.


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