Dude! BlogSpot is bummin’ my flow!

By Mir
September 8, 2004

I spent about two hours, this morning, rending my clothing and trying to get BlogSpot to publish my posts. I finally left for a hair appointment that ended up being longer than Titanic, and when I came home, my screen was still flashing the dreaded yet cheerful:

Percentage of your blog which has published:
0% (HAHAHAHA you sucky loser with the free trailer-trash blog!!)

So now, in addition to being slightly high due to the fumes still circulating my head in the name of beauty, I am seriously cranky.

And it’s raining. As it nearly always is on days when I empty my checking account at the salon to have the poodle frizzies yanked out of my hair.

And I have to go stand out in the rain to get Chickadee at the bus stop, because, well, it would probably be mean to leave her there to find her own way home, even though that would be the logical hairdo-saving measure.

And I still haven’t heard from Big Company. Don’t they know how pretty I just went and made my hair, for them? I go to all this trouble, and they can’t even be bothered to call me once in a while. Bastards.

My newest get-rich-quick scheme: Chocolate covered Xanax! In a pretty box, with an enclosed coupon for a free edition of Movable Type! Who’s in?


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