As the wild weekend winds down….

By Mir
August 15, 2004

Things I can do on a Sunday afternoon while waiting for my children to return:

  • Read the Sunday paper pre-trampling.
  • Put away the laundry (finally).
  • Remove stained and outgrown clothing items from children’s wardrobes and bury the evidence.
  • Eat Doritos for lunch.
  • Finish reading the novel I started yesterday.
  • Marvel a little bit about how much I’ve missed devouring a book, uninterrupted, like that.
  • Make travel plans.
  • Make lists of things to do in preparation for said travel.
  • Admire how clean the kids’ rooms are.
  • Do more laundry.
  • Pay bills and balance my checkbook.
  • Use vulgar language in reference to my checkbook.
  • Watch the Olympics. When my interest flags, amuse my ignorant American self by trying to pronounce the foreign Olympians’ names.
  • Check the clock… three or four hundred times.


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