Little help, here…?

By Mir
August 10, 2004

Things I learned today that are going to make my head explode:

1) Getting Chickadee up for school is going to be impossible. We had to get out the door early this morning to get her to therapy before camp, and she was very nearly strangled in the process. Shouting, “If you are still in that bed when I come back I am going to remove you by your hair” may not have been my finest hour as a parent.

2) The same HMO that doesn’t bat an eyelash over paying for my daughter’s mood stabilizers is trying to tell us we’ve used up our allowance of therapy appointments. Ummmm… she’s diagnosed with a major disorder, for which she is on medication, for which the standard treatment includes continued counselling. What’s wrong with this picture? Anyone? Beuller?

3) Due to this little approval snafu, we cannot have another therapy appointment for a month, even though…

4) … after the therapist tried to bring up “Daddy’s friend” to Chickadee, she first manufactured a story about how said friend was the meanest person on the planet, then proceeded to dump out every bucket and bin of playthings within her reach. The doctor’s office was trashed when she brought me in to see. I was horrified. Chickadee thought it was hilarious. I was mortified.

5) Guess who gets to bring Chickadee to her next appointment in a month? The doctor thought it might be time to have a little chat with Daddy. Do you suppose Daddy will bother hearing anything she has to say? Maybe since it’s not coming from me, it may penetrate his thick skull? Nah. Too much to hope for.

6) It’s been so long since I took my car in for an oil change, I forgot that you have to pick what grade oil you want.

7) I was so rattled by this morning’s adventure that when Monkey and I sat in the oil change place’s waiting room and he dropped his chocolate munchkin on the floor and started to cry, I picked it up and blew on it and let him eat it. I let my child eat food off the floor. Food off the dirty car place floor. My son is going to die because I was out of resources to deal with crisis by 9:00 this morning.

And how is your day shaping up?


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