Life is Good (six ways)

By Mir
July 29, 2004

At last check, I had 50 58 comments on the “bloggerhood” post, many from folks I never would’ve “met” otherwise. Thank you again for coming in, hanging out, and being willing to share yourself with me!

Chickadee asked me this morning, “Is my sandal supposed to do this?” This was the sole opening up from toe to mid-arch like an old leather taco. Um, not so much, hon. I was thinking of trying to glue it, but then I noticed her toes hanging off the edge, too. That kid just keeps growing. Ran out this afternoon to the same store where I’d gotten my strappy heels and found her the last pair of sandals in the next size on clearance. $5 I can do.

Zoot has generously offered up Mr. Zoot for the good of the commune. I figured it would’ve been too forward of me to ask for this, but now that she’s offered? I have only two words: HUBBA HUBBA. And he can build a deck! (Yeah, that’s why I want him… his carpentry skills.) (Don’t you love how Zoot loves me even though I blatantly drool all over her husband at every opportunity?)

My darling children are with their dad for the afternoon/evening. And speaking of him? I am being duly rewarded for my calm, adult attitude about his new paramour. He’s being downright nice to me. Which–I won’t kid you or anything–is a wee bit creepy, but on the whole, good. It also makes it easier to see that this is a Good Thing for everyone involved. It’s true that if he’s happy I end up happier.

Through one of the couponing boards I frequent, I signed up for a diaper study. I’m now getting about a month’s supply of pull-ups for free in return for filling out a few surveys about them. Sweet. (Yes, I have completely given up on the notion of getting Monkey nighttime trained, thanks for asking.)

Right now? I’m sitting on my deck, in the shade… it’s a beautiful day… I have my laptop and big soda… and I am so spoiled that you would hate me if you didn’t loooove me so much. There is clean, unfolded laundry upstairs calling my name. But I can’t heeeeaaaaaaar it!

This is the life.


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