The Good, the Bad, and the Unbelievable

By Mir
July 7, 2004

Happiness is:

  • snuggling with both (happy) children in bed this morning before getting up
  • a trip to Target
  • finding really nice “not recognized by system” sheets that should’ve been salvaged and getting them for $7.49
  • getting some fresh air
  • having the energetic, limber, 14-year-old sitter come by to run the childred ragged while I take a nap
  • someone from church calling to say they have some meals to drop off for me and the kids.

Happiness is not:

  • nerves deciding to start regenerating in places that still hurt
  • pushing two kids in a grocery cart, even if only for 20 minutes
  • having a small boy pounce on me from behind and then declare, “Why you owing? That’s your back, not your belly!”
  • another migraine
  • realizing the coffee I had with my migraine medicine was rather too close to the proposed naptime.

Huge happiness mixed with incredulity is:

  • following the incredible saga of a long-time internet friend (who is going to kill me when she reads this) who appeared to be suffering from a mysterious disease for the last few months and did, in fact, give birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy a couple of days ago and didn’t know she was pregnant until a couple of hours before he was born.


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