So far so good …

By Mir
June 21, 2004
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Jilbur here with the first Mir status update!
I got antsy and didn’t wait for the email Mir told me expect, and yes, you can expect me to be that kind of guest blogger … Anyway, I phoned the hospital myself, and as of now (around 3PM EST) she’s still in recovery–but I’ll follow up within the next hour or two to report that she’s safely in her room!

And! Nothing very entertaining! on this! guest blog entry! But stay tuned! I’d like Mindy and me to be able to truthfully say that we drove Mir’s stats up while she was gone, because I’m certain that any increase in traffic will stay with her upon her return; so everyone do your part and refresh! refresh! refresh! Do I sound like Dr. Bronners yet! Okay!


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