Saturday: Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

By Mir
June 19, 2004

1) Don’t wait until facing major surgery to clean your microwave. Trust me on this one.

2) Do pour bleach in all the toilet bowls to soak for a while.

3) Don’t assume that surfaces above head-level do not accumulate dust just because you can’t see them.

4) Do enlist the children’s help in tidying up their messes.

5) Don’t forget to check their work before they leave on vacation.

6) Do blame yourself for not being more specific. Do say, “Please tidy up the playroom.” Also remember to say, “And that does not mean just pick up all the crap and shove it on the shelves or kick it to the perimeter.”

7) Don’t forget about the bleach in the toilet bowls before adding cleanser unless you have a deep fondness for ammonia fumes.

8) Do pick up all floor detritus before vacuuming.

9) Don’t bother picking up tiny little pieces of annoying toys that you hate, anyway. (Ooops!)

10) Do take breaks often; then when you feel like you’re not accomplishing anything, at least you have an excuse.

11) Don’t buy “freshly scented” abrasive cleaners thinking they will smell any better. “Green Apple” scented Lysol Tub and Tile cleanser is just as noxious as the original–perhaps moreso.

12) Do take the garbage out.

13) Don’t notice how grody the trash can is… you have enough other stuff to do today. Put a clean bag in and call it good.

14) Do feel free to remove to the basement/garage/closet anything that needs to be put in a proper place, someday, but not right this second.

15) Don’t worry about getting everything done; prioritize and do what you can.

16) Do finish anything that will either drive you batshit if left undone or you wouldn’t feel comfortable asking someone else to do for you during your convalescence.


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