Typical Me

By Mir
May 20, 2004

Oh.my.God. This is just SO like me…

What is Your Destiny?
by Valcion
Destiny Savior of the human race
Date when you fufill your destiny January 8, 2004
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I mean, leave it to me to flipping save all of humankind and not even notice (or get credit). Thanks, Liz. I think. (Tell ya what… I’ll bring the butter for your toast and you can bring whatever goes well with the spoils of righteous–if somewhat oblivious–victory and we’ll make a celebration of it.)

More typical me:
1) Discovered this morning that I left the garage door open. All night. With the door to the house unlocked.
2) Woke up with a migraine, took my meds, asked the kids to play quietly, went back to bed for half an hour.
3) Got up to what can only be described as a spectacular explosion of the arts-n-crafts chest all over the kitchen.
4) I am brooding over a really bad decision I made a year ago today that came back to bite me several times, hard; and it might be cathartic to write about it, but as there is no spin I could put on said decision that wouldn’t make me look like a total asshat (I’m stealing the word, but giving credit where it’s due) I’m just gonna shut up and get back to wallowing.

Editing to add: If I fill in “Miriam” instead of “Mir” I’ll be creating some super-weapon in August of 2007. Apparently my more formal self doesn’t know how to harness her powers for good.


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