Ahoy, mateys!

By Mir
September 16, 2016

I’m about THIS CLOSE to wearing an eye patch and calling it a day. I hardly ever wear makeup, right? Like, I’ll wear it when I dress up. Which is almost never. For some reason at the beginning of this week I was digging for something in my bathroom drawer and found some mascara I forgot I had (my first mistake) and was all, “Oh! I’ll put some of this on.” So I did.

And then I woke up with an eye infection the next morning. Because of course.

I threw away the mascara. I’ve been doing warm compresses and medicated eye wipes (did you know this was a thing? it’s a thing!) and trying not to touch my face and and also whining A LOT about how my eye hurts and burns and itches and did I mention? MY EYE? WHICH IS CLEARLY INFECTED?

After one too many jokes from friends about the eye patch I am surely destined for, I went to the doctor today. Now that I’m on antibiotics I guess today is probably my last day to make pirate jokes, alas.

While I was gone this week trying really hard not to touch my eye, I wrote a couple of posts over at Alpha Mom. One is about what matters to me now that I’m solidly middle-aged and the other is (in response to a reader question) all about how homeschooling can be all kinds of different things. So, um, you can go read those and I won’t make ye walk the plank. Arrrrrrrr.


  1. Mom24_4evermom

    Ouch! Glad you went, hope you’re on the mend and not hurting soon. xx

  2. Kristen

    Well, don’t stop the jokes too soon. This Monday is Talk like a Pirate day…

  3. Jeanie

    Your eye infection will be gone in no time now that you have antibiotics.

  4. The Other Leanne

    I *told* you I wasn’t a doctor.

  5. hokgardner

    I rarely if ever wear makeup, and now I’m going to go throw my one ancient tube of mascara out.

  6. Rachel

    You do know that Monday is Talk like a Pirate Day, right?

  7. Katie

    Today (9/19) is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Your post be awesome! Arr.

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