What you see is what you get

It’s been a pet peeve of mine for forever, the way people sometimes recoil from labels or admitting that there’s anything less-than-perfect about themselves or their special snowflakes. So it should come as no surprise that I have some things to say on the topic of whether or not special-needs students should disclose in their college application essays.

I know. You’re shocked. It’s shocking.

[Sidebar: Maybe less of a good idea to discuss your laundry habits, as I’m not sure a certain child of mine would’ve been accepted to her school if they knew that she just didn’t do laundry the entire first month. This weekend we had a rather spirited discussion about the number of undergarments in said laundry (hint: not as many as there should’ve been, given the number of days away) wherein she INSISTED that some of her laundry must’ve still been at the dorm, and later she went back and threw her roommate under the bus to save herself: I got a phone call informing me that AT LEAST she’d brought her sheets home to wash, whereas the roommate had gone home without hers and still hadn’t changed them. In summary, be yourself but BE YOURSELF OVER THERE WITH SOME FEBREEZE, PLEASE.]


  1. kellyg

    I was wondering about the whole “unmentionables” situation and thinking you must have gotten a good deal on some extras for her. But thought it would be weird to speculate on the “unmentionables” of people who in, some ways, are strangers. But, clearly, since you brought up the subject, it’s fair game now.

    (Unmentionables is from the Brady Bunch episode where the girls are moving in. Marcia says a certain box is filled with unmentionables. Greg, I think, asks what that means. And Marcia says “Well, if I could mention it, then it wouldn’t be unmentionable.” I found that amusing and memorable.)

  2. Sarah

    I think one of my classmates wins at laundry “yuck”. In December he mentioned in passing that his room smelled funny …. He’d been using the same towel all term and leaving it to dry in a heap on the floor most days.
    (What do you mean I need to wash my towel, I only use it when I’m clean!)

  3. Chris

    Love this! I have spoiled my DDs with laundry service (we had to have a babysitter due to my work travel and once they were older and mostly needed driving she had extra time). They do know how to do it but particularly my youngest could be exactly one to be too busy to get to it for a month! (Now the towel thing from a commenter above wouldn’t happen – difference of girls versus boys – but buying more unmentionables definitely!!)

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