Lest you think he never misbehaves

By Mir
June 15, 2016

Hey, remember when I used to write regularly about all the cute/sweet stuff my husband did? (Hey, remember when I used to write regularly, period? You hush.) He is still cute and sweet. He is still my favorite, especially when I get to see him, which is not all that often, because he’s a busy guy. For example, he was just away on a work trip being a rock star, and I’m super proud of him, but also I totally let Duncan have his side of the bed while he was gone, because Duncan never abandons me just to go “teach” and “learn” and “be a good citizen of the world.” (Duncan’s interests lie mainly in “leading you to the kibble container and pretending you forgot to feed him” and “snoring” and “pretending not to like it when you rub his belly.”)

Duncan is also willing to snuggle in bed, which gives him a slight edge over Otto (who—as you may recall—requires a boundary area), but Otto smells better and hardly ever wakes me up by incessantly licking my feet, sooooo… yeah.

Anyway, the point is (I swear I had a point…) that Otto is swell and I like him a whole lot, and he is very nearly infallible in all of the ways which matter. (In the ways in which it doesn’t matter at all, he still gives me plenty of fodder. For example: The other night he pulled some grapes out of the fridge and made several displeased noises before I asked what his problem was, and he said, “Ugh, these grapes are moldy.” Before I could respond, he added, “Do you want me to keep them or should I toss them?” Yes, Otto, please hang on to those moldy grapes. I have a special recipe for rotting fruit! It starts with moldy grapes and ends with DUDE WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK ME THAT?)

And because I haven’t told you an Otto story in quite a while, I thought I’d offer up a doozy because yesterday was a very long day.


  1. RuthWells

    Hey, don’t knock foot-licking until you’ve tried it!

  2. Meri


  3. Carrie On

    I too have a great recipe for moldy grapes! It involves magic and then delicious wine!

  4. Tiffany Dozier

    It was nice of him to think of you and ask…Right? Lol. Love this story:)

  5. Kim

    Mir. Dude. When your FB feed shows the IV’d arm, and your headline reads lest you think he never gets in trouble, dang, don’t bury the lead.Gah, my head went to some bad places before I realized everything was ok.
    And you know, I’m really happy it is. “scuse me while I recover from the adrenaline rush.

  6. Mary K. in Rockport


  7. Jeanie

    I’m so glad Otto’s okay. Plan the rest of your life, ’cause you just never know. In fact, don’t bother planning, just be spontaneous and have a good time.

  8. Brigitte

    “Hardly ever!” XD

  9. Jenny

    Good gravy, I’m so glad Otto’s all right!

  10. Sharon

    As I was reading I kept seeing you there alone, waiting, while each procedure was taking place. It’s up to you as #1 partner to maintain a space while the world stops spinning, and you really are the only one who can do it. I am relieved that all is well. I wish you and Otto an infinite number of years to enjoy each other;)

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