More reasons why I am a little high strung

Did I mention that I—like every other person in the world who likes to cook and bake and who gets periodically sucked into food trends—made some sourdough starter a while back? I did, and now I have returned to that place where I don’t buy bread, I just make a couple of loaves every week. That’s all good and well (I enjoy doing it, the family seems to enjoy eating it, and it’s both cheaper and more nutritious than the stuff from the store), plus I’m experimenting with making other stuff (sourdough pizza crust! sourdough garlic knots! sourdough oh look I’m making something else I can’t eat but you guys enjoy it!) and generally feeling JUST LIKE a homesteader of yore. (You know, if said homesteader had a wheat allergy, drove a hybrid, and had a couple of very spoiled lap dogs.)

Anyway. This morning I went to make some dough for this week’s bread and got my beloved KitchenAid going and I turned my back on it to do something else and shortly thereafter the mixer WALKED OFF THE COUNTER AND CRASHED TO THE FLOOR. It unplugged itself and everything. The results, in no particular order: I had a minor heart attack, the floor was both gouged AND cracked (awesome), I panicked that the mixer was broken (it still works but… I think I need to have it looked at), and I swore a lot at the bread dough. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS, STUPID SOURDOUGH.

Also (this is not related but it’s another reason I’m high strung), I am busy trying to get my kid ready for a dorm when most “what to buy” lists aren’t geared towards kids who would not, say, remember their own heads if they weren’t attached. So I came up with a supplemental list for those of us whose kids need a little extra support.


  1. 12tequilas

    Did you mean “forget their own heads…”?

    • Mir

      Nah, I meant remember, but I was missing a few other words. (Proofreading! How does it work??)

      • 12tequilas

        Okay, I’m with you now! This list makes me want to shop for college. Not for my kids to go, just the shopping…

  2. Mary

    My bread dough does the same thing to my mixer…I use a piece of rubber drawer/shelf liner under it. I’ve heard a folded damp kitchen towel will also work… :-)

  3. Brigitte

    Oh no, wasn’t that floor just done a year or two ago?

    • Mir

      Nooooo, thank goodness. Pretty sure that ancient linoleum is original to the house. (Though the thought of redoing the kitchen gives me palpitations, a dent in that is still not that big of a deal.)

      • Chuck

        So, you’re not calling your contractor to come take a look at it? (I know, kind of a repeat. Couldn’t resist.)

  4. Reyna Cortright

    I had almost the same thing happen to me last week with an ice shaver. I called my husband at work balling. He just giggled lol. It actually exactly what I needed even though I acted a little pissed. Some days I feel like I can conquer the world and some days a little spilled milk sends me over the edge. Maybe we are all insane…

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