In lieu of Nerd Night goodies…

… all I have for you today is this. (There was no Nerd Night this weekend, alas.)

Monkey began texting me about some injustice in class, but it quickly devolved into the following. And for the record, this went on for quite a while even after this. It’s a good thing I’m fond of that kid.


(Eventually I told him I had to go. He responded, “Sea you later! I’ll reef you abalone now.” Internet, HOW DO WE TEACH HIM TO USE HIS POWERS FOR GOOD?)


  1. Susie

    So, confession- a friend and I do this with cheese puns all. the. time. She works with my husband, and it drives him crazy. Which is part of why we do it… But still. I contend that Monkey is using his powers for good, and using dolphin safe puns to boot!! 😉

  2. dad

    The fact that it’s my kind of humor is no fluke.

  3. Chuck

    Oh man, some of those are good. I can see why he doesn’t want to be shellfish and keep them to himself. ;)

  4. Jeanie

    He’s brilliant!

  5. Jenny

    Monkey’s puns are off the hook!

  6. Mary

    Monkey wins the Internet today…

    The comments, oh, the comments… Love this.

    Just (literally minutes ago) had a punny conversation, on FB, with an old HS friend… We’re from Clearwater and I posted a moonrising photo… He asked if it was a bad moon rising. I said never in my part of the state. He then said, “Only in Clearwater, do you give Credence to that?” :-)

  7. The Other Leanne

    So, you posted this just for the halibut?

  8. Mir

    Oh my God, I hate all of you. Even my own father had to extend this nonsense. A POX UPON ALL YOUR FISH PUNS, PEOPLE.

    • Cora Seip

      you mean lox, I’m sure

      • Mir


  9. Lindsey

    Yup, we do that in our family quite a bit, but usually with egg puns. My 9 yo Aspie son is absolutely the best at them, plus he loves D&D and all things pen + paper gaming, so I’m seeing my future in just a few years.

  10. Chris

    Love it (and love the comments)

    And am sorry I have no fish skills

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