Just a regular day (but extra snot)

By Mir
March 3, 2016

Monkey—sweet, darling Monkey—has changed SO MUCH over the last few years that sometimes I forget about the things which haven’t changed. Like, say, the fact that he now towers over me does not change the typical trajectory of: it’s a minor cold, it’s a minor cold, it’s a minor cold, MOM I THINK MAYBE I’M DYING MOM I FEEL AWFUL. Good job, me! My streak of sending that child to school even though he’s sick as a dog remains unbroken! WOOOOO! Yesterday had an added bonus of his doctor mentioning that it may be time to go back to the ENT and discuss sinus surgery… I think… I was too busy screaming “LALALALALAAAAAA I CAN’T HEEEEEAR YOOOUUUU!”

Yeah. Um. Yesterday afternoon was spent picking him up from school, taking him to the doctor, going to the pharmacy to get his antibiotics, and then stopping to pick him up a milkshake (flavor: MOM GUILT). But at least while I was doing all of that, Chickadee texted me to say she thought maybe she was sick, too. Because of course.

This is all true, but also a good introduction to this post I wrote for Alpha Mom about figuring out how to balance working and mom-ing. Spoiler alert: There’s no one right answer. But I do appreciate having the flexibility to deal with a sick kid or two without worrying I’m going to lose my job, obvs.

Also! If you’ve been paying any attention this election cycle (with mounting horror, one assumes), you may be struggling with how to talk to your teens about it, in which case I’ll suggest this Alpha Mom post, instead. My kids are asking hard questions, and they’re forcing me to figure out better answers.


  1. StephLove

    We are actually having more trouble talking to the 9 year old than the teen this election cycle. The things she’s heard have really scared her.

    • Mir

      I’ll bet. It’s so hard to figure out what’s reassuring when it feels like you’re witnessing a whole string of “but THAT will never happen…” things happening in rapid succession. :(

  2. Brigitte

    Our 11-year-old was just yelling to DH yesterday about how horrible he-who-shall-not-be-named is.

  3. Mary K. in Rockport

    Did you see Blackish last week? Highly recommended. It brought a tear to my eye, remembering how we felt in 2008. And don’t feel now.

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