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By Mir
February 16, 2016

Somehow I never linked you up to my Alpha Mom advice column last week, probably because I was busy dealing with non-writing things as if I actually have a life outside of the computer. HAHA. Anyway.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that today you get a twofer from me!

First, I’m answering a reader question about the value of labeling autism, and I think you know which side of that argument I come down on, but it’s hopefully worth a read, anyway.

Second, no one asked me, but because I know how to make sure your kids don’t have sex before they’re ready, I’m telling you. (Disclaimer: Results may vary. Do not come yell at me if your precious snowflake does something naughty. To parent is to accept that you can never really control another person EVEN IF you know better than they do, and probably that’s how it’s supposed to be.)

Third, there is no third. Just those other two. Go read those, please.

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  1. Karen

    You are right on with your advice about kids having sex. It was something I had to deal with when my kids were teens. Now they are parents. The eldest granddaughter is dating now. Her parents are having a fit with the most innocent touching (hugs, etc). I can’t help but sit and laugh (quietly). They are going through what I went through. The granddaughter’s dad (my son-in-law) is especially bad. He even went so far as to say “we were young like them and …”

    Funny how things change when they become parents of teens!

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