Now there is less of me to yell at

By Mir
January 29, 2016

So I did this weird green smoothie cleanse and lost some weight. I never know if writing about that sort of thing is interesting or boring; I mean, it’s interesting to me, I guess? Maybe not to you? I might write about it next week. It was… an adventure. I’m glad I did it for a number of reasons, not the least among them that I appreciate being able to fit into my pants.

Anyway, during the first few days of the cleanse, especially, while I was dealing with caffeine withdrawal and general hopelessness (I’m the best advertisement for this cleanse EVER, clearly), I felt like I wasn’t thinking super clearly. I made a lot of dumb mistakes. More dumb mistakes than usual, that is. And then I sort of came out of that and felt clear! And ALIVE! And ENERGETIC! But I still caught myself sometimes not thinking entirely straight.

Then I wrote this piece for Alpha Mom about teens and disturbing texts, and my intrepid editor and I went back and forth on some issues of guilt by association and bullying-vs-just-generally-being-a-jerk, and I suspect some commenters are going to yell at me very soon. I still stand by what I said, I think, based on the information given to me, but it’s definitely a tricky issue.

And anyone who disagrees with me has to bring me a snack. I think that’s fair.


  1. Tracy B

    I completely, 100% in fact, agree with you! Let teenagers be teenagers to a certain degree. Let’s face it, by the time they are teenagers, they either get it or they don’t. To me teenage years are the Pre-finals of Parenthood. You get to see how well you’ve done your job by raising them and you get to tweak it wherever need be. :) If you did your parenting job well, they would tune out most of this or bring a new prospective to it by making positive comments about how you shouldn’t treat others this way, everyone carries their own burdens, you don’t know what others are going through, etc. Now, if they are the ones making these statements and comments, then you get a second shot at teaching them what is acceptable and what isn’t. But the bottom line is this, tese years are awkward for them and they are simply trying to figure it all out. You know, the fitting in, “am I a child” or “am I a grown-up”? A parent calling their friends (kids they know nothing about) out on something their friend(s) are doing is completely unacceptable (in my opinion). However, it can be used to teach your own child.

  2. Chuck

    Is it OK if we bring you the ingredients to create a snack and have you bake it so we can share it together?

  3. Jodie

    I was really expecting the comments to get…colorful. But it was super tame and respectful. Hooray for humanity!

  4. Nickles

    I have been awaiting your smoothie diwt report. I hope you do one?

  5. Karen

    I think you’re right on the mark. I raised two successfully.

  6. Shannon

    I would really love to know what the name of this green smoothie cleanse is :) Please.

  7. JMH

    I ended up buying the green smoothie book…lost 6 pounds in the first 5 days! Working on the second half now (and I cheated…had coffee every day ;) ) The energy is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing

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