Lessons learned (a.k.a. maybe ask)

You know that I always bake for school meetings, right? And for when my kids go off to their weekly gaming night? I love to bake. I can no longer actually EAT most of what I bake, but that’s okay. It makes me happy to feed other people. Funny story: usually at the holidays I start making cookies at the beginning of the month and bake all month (sometimes making/freezing dough to bake later, sometimes baking cookies and freezing them) so that we can give out goodie baskets at school before the winter break. That’s not the funny part. The funny part is that I just found out that one of the teachers we’ve been giving cookies to—ready for this?—has a wheat allergy. She didn’t tell me (and assumedly doesn’t know that I’m also allergic); one of the kids figured it out.

I felt terrible, of course. Our past gifts were useless and perhaps we seemed thoughtless. What if she hates us now?? (I’m glad I didn’t overreact or anything.) But I didn’t know! So today I emailed and asked some questions (Celiac or allergy? Is cross-contamination an issue? Do you even like sweets??) in preparation for Cookie Season. That was well-received and now I know how to proceed. It’s almost like… things go better when you get clarification. WEIRD.

This is a clumsy lead-in to my post today at Alpha Mom, in which I learn that what I think about a situation matters a whole lot less than what the person actually IN the situation thinks about it. Again: WEIRD. Who knew?


  1. Mary K. in Rockport

    I had guessed the band went to NYC! I watched and watched the Macy’s parade but didn’t hear an announcement about any high school band from Georgia……

    • Mir

      Well, this is our last stepping stone before we get an invitation to Macy’s, theoretically. :)

  2. Mary

    I love you. “Things go better when you get clarification.” Clicking over to alpha mom now, but you just get it. I’m so glad you asked her. I’m doing Heifer International this year in my clients’ names. Checked with one of the moms and she thinks it’s a great idea. No making of gifts this year. Yay!

    PS Thought of you last week when I made apple pies (yes, plural) with the apple peeler/corer/slicer that my sister gifted to me. Only a minor injury here… While de-coring the appliance, I sliced through my thumbnail into the bed. Was MUCH more careful afterward.

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