Breaking: Old dog learns new trick

By Mir
October 20, 2015

That would be me; I’m the old dog. In this instance, anyway. Duncan is ALSO an old dog, but I don’t think he’s learned any new tricks lately, unless you want to count the fact that he has recently started barking at the oven in the evenings. (Chances are, with his limited vision, he’s seeing some movement in the form of his reflection and getting startled and thinking someone is there. Or, if you like the kids’ explanation, it’s that Duncan Donut has realized his long-lost twin brother Krispy Kreme is trapped inside the oven. KRISPY. IN THE OVEN. Get it? My children are terrible people. They make me so proud.)


Gratuitous grumpy couch-faced dog shot.

So… wait, what were we talking about? Oh! Right!! Me learning a new trick. It’s called butting the hell out. It’s difficult to master but I think I’m getting it. Slowly. Check it out over at Alpha Mom, if you’re so inclined.


  1. Ani

    You are so incredibly timely today. Thank you.

  2. kimmie

    Bahahaha!….Duncan Donut and Krispie Kreme. That’s fabulous!

    It is SO hard to know when to back off!! Of course, sometimes I think my mom is still in MY airspace at 44!!!

  3. Jeanie

    i love Duncan. Bless his heart.

  4. Brigitte

    Heh, it’s so heartening to see one’s child following in one’s evil footsteps. ;-D

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