Reason #7,693 why I love him

By Mir
October 5, 2015

When you have kids and you remarry, you hope that eventually your children and your new spouse will someday share the kind of loving bond you already have with your kids. You know that it will take time and hard work, but still, you hope.

Maybe you don’t specifically hope that after 8+ years your oldest will leave this:

… and then your spouse will behold that note, flip it over, and do this:

… but when it happens, you’ll still feel a sense of warm fuzziness in-between giggles.


  1. Full Spectrum Mama

    As a fellow re-marry-er with “specialest and flakiest” kids…I heartily cry, huzzah.
    Thanks and love,

  2. El-e-e

    Standing at my sink Telling Myself it needs to soak. And then that I’m lazy. I have a feeling I will think of this & chucke every night, now. ;)

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