Greetings from Crankytown

I’ve got sleep on my mind, because we are currently experiencing a shortage. It’s no one’s fault, really, it’s just a lot of stuff on the schedule and less-than-ideal time management and the usual crop of minor crises. Everything’s fine. We’re just tired.

It did seem like a golden opportunity to make with many words about how important sleep is to growing teens, though. I swear I am more or less following my own advice, it’s just that life is unpredictable and also morning seems to come very early.

You can read more on Alpha Mom while I fantasize about taking a nap. (I won’t actually be taking a nap, though, because I’m about to go have a mammogram, instead. I KNOW HOW TO PARTY!)


  1. Holly Gault

    Tonight I will join you in your Crankytown local as I have brought home a sleep test set-up. Because it is so comfy to go to bed with a huge ‘wrist watch’ attached to two sensors to test my oxygenation and something else. Eh, it’s one night. I can make it.

  2. Stacy

    I am a firm believer in sleep for my kids – when they were infants we lived & died by our schedules and nap time was sacred. I was terrified when they went to kindergarten because NO NAPS! (We still took weekend naps until 2nd grade & have even mandated naps when they are extra grouchy now).

    My kids are now 11 & in 6th grade. I am the worst mom in the world for making them go to bed between 8 – 8:30 pm – but they NEED it. We also don’t allow screens in the room. And they are still cranky some days!

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