The greatness of terrible television

I watch way more TV than I probably should, and some of it is great, but a lot more of it is downright terrible. I’m okay with this. I don’t go out and get plastered or gamble; if watching stupid programming is my biggest flaw, I figure I’m doing okay.

Recently Chickadee got first me, and then Monkey, hooked on Girl Code. Have you seen it? It’s AWFUL. Just, like, cringeworthy in every possible way. It’s so bad, it’s FANTASTIC. If you’re not easily embarrassed and are looking for an open door to talk to your teens about sex and other uncomfortable topics, Girl Code is your show. It is MTV’s living, breathing answer to the timeless question, “Are most people really pretty gross?” (Answer: Yes. Yes, they are.)

So when someone wrote in to Alpha Mom to ask me about dating rules for my teenagers, I was ready. Because we watch Girl Code! And we talk about all kinds of stuff! And no, I still have no idea what I’m doing, not really, but I have an approach that—so far—seems to be working. Come on over? (And seriously, DVR Girl Code. You can either thank me or chew me out later.)

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  1. Brigitte

    Mine’s not quite 11 yet, and hasn’t had too many questions so far. I do always try to maintain an open, yet age-appropriate dialog with her. Though I was still glad she didn’t inquire too deeply about a couple things she heard during a Cards Against Humanity game last weekend! :-O

    And I know I’m not ready, yet, after the weird feeling I had the other day. Watching her and a boy she met at the beach sitting together, while she was bouncing his baby sister to comfort her. Shudder – scary!

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