Dental hygiene: Well, crap edition

Help, my face is numb.

Backing up: What better way to create a gentle reentry into normal life after a relaxing getaway than to visit the dentist?

Backing up even further: Once upon a time, we were Visit The Dentist Every Six Months Like Clockwork people. I believe in good oral health, truly. But… at some point I had to cancel a cleaning for Chickie because she was in the hospital (yes, this was years ago, I KNOW I SUCK THANKS) and then our dentist stopped taking our insurance and the rest of us stopped going and hadn’t found a new dentist, and somehow—presto, chango, lazy-o—years elapsed and none of us had been to the dentist. Whoops. It wasn’t intentional, it just sort of… happened. So the good news is that we finally got our crap together and Otto went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and the kids and I went yesterday.

The bad news is that I had a cracked filling and Chickadee needs to have her wisdom teeth out and Monkey came back from his cleaning with a hearty, “Here, Mom, I brought you some gingivitis!”

They had a cancelation for today, so I got my filling fixed, but I am pretty sure my entire face was injected with novocaine. I can’t stop playing with my lower lip, because it’s just this flubby slab of numbness. Fun!

While I go continue to marvel at the never-ending entertainment that is proper dental attention, you could go over to Alpha Mom and read all about how I love Snapchat. No, really. I do. No numb lips required, even.


  1. Megan

    shut up, shut up, shutuuuup…. Yes I have a tooth phobia (nightmares! About loose teeth! I’ve been given numerous free mental health diagnoses on the basis of them – short version, I’m nuts) I’m plugging my ears and chanting something about oral hygiene vigilance and a blithe handing off to the dentist now and then is TOTALLY good parenting.

  2. Meri

    I have a not-horror wisdom teeth story – got them out in my 20s and he was done in 5 minutes. Very anticlimactic.

    • Mir

      Otto had his one lone wisdom tooth removed last week. He said it was a piece of cake and he never even took an Advil.

  3. Kim in Minnesota

    We had the teenage wisdom tooth ritual last week … no complications and very little pain. Yay! You are in for an entertaining day as the anesthesia wears down, though! The things they say! Good news is my boy proved himself to be polite and fairly appropriate even when talking nonsense…

  4. Brigitte

    “Flubby!” Perfect word for it.

  5. Jenn C.

    I cannot tell you how good it makes me feel that I am not the only mom who has fallen into the slacker category for dentist visits. Because I was feeling pretty crappy about it. Now, less so!

  6. Jamie

    My 14 year old got his first filling last week. He spent the afternoon smacking himself in the cheek because he could. I think he liked the weirdly numb sensation.

  7. Katherine

    My dentist has gotten amazingly good at getting just the right amount of numbing. Used to be I’d be numb and drooling for hours. Now, I am pretty much back to normal by the time I get home (max 15 min drive).

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