Greetings from Sin City

By Mir
July 8, 2015

I helped Otto put several large pieces of furniture (such as my giant L-shaped desk, which was serving as the world’s jankiest island in our kitchen during the floor install) back into my office once the floor was FINALLY completed at about 9:00 on Monday night.

[Aside: Apparently the installing parent company called with a “courtesy post-project satisfaction survey” and Otto shared that we had not expected installation in a small room to take… nearly 11 hours. He said that the woman on the phone was horrified.]

Was my darling husband hanging shelves and such at 10:00 that night? Yep. But eventually most of the big stuff was back in there and we said “good enough” and collapsed into bed. Then I left the next morning and I am now in Las Vegas with Kira, which is a whole ‘nother story I’ll tell you about soon, because it starts, of course, with me being insufferable during planning, and ends with me being insufferable while walking around our giant hotel and saying not-at-all weird things like “I THINK I SAW THAT RESTAURANT ON CSI ONCE” and “Do ALL the people in the casino look miserable or just the extremely sad people playing slots?” I’m super fun. Also? Otto was all “You should go see the Hoover Dam!” and we are all “Hey, they have alcoholic milkshakes here!” So.

Also please note that Kira’s and my love for one another is an enduring, beautiful thing, especially when our room reservation got screwed up and instead of the two queen beds we SHOULD’ve had, we were given a room with a king bed. “Do you want to be the big spoon or the little spoon?” I asked my longtime friend.

“Touch me while I’m sleeping and you’ll draw back a stump,” she replied, full of the sweetness and adoration I’ve come to enjoy over the years.

While I go figure out how to do Vegas exactly wrong (we are not gambling or sightseeing, but mostly just talking a lot, which I guess we could’ve done anywhere, but definitely nowhere as SHINY as this place), you can check out the latest installment of me blathering about teen driving over at Alpha Mom. Only this time, we tried to make it useful: I made up a driving contract you might find useful. I hope it helps. Also I hope we can figure out how to get out of the hotel today. (It’s good to have goals.)


  1. Brigitte

    Ah, that DOES sound like the best of beautiful friendships! :-)

  2. Issa

    The best trip I ever took with my best friend was a long weekend in Vegas years ago. We walked around and ate whatever we wanted and talked non-stop. Pretty much did nothing that people actually go to Vegas for. ha.

    If you see it, there is a Mexican restaurant in the Mandalay Bay hotel that over looks the lazy river. I’ve never forgotten the fish tacos I had there.

  3. Sheila

    If you didn’t get your alcoholic milkshakes at Holstein’s in the Cosmopolitan, you MUST try it! Last year, I got a burger and split a milkshake. This year, I’m getting a milkshake and splitting the burger. I’ll be there next week, and guess where we’re going for dinner on the first night? That way, we have another opportunity if we decide a second visit is in order. :)

  4. Aska

    It’s funny, but Las Vegas is about the last place I’d imagine you going, what with being thrifty and all. :) Have a great time with your friend!

  5. Chuck

    Hoover Dam was a much more interesting tour before 9/11 anyhow. Enjoy the rest of your time in Vegas!

  6. Grace

    Have too much fun, please. Also great post on AM, just can’t comment there.

  7. Meri

    My brother flew there a few years ago for the food. Whatever floats your boat!

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