While we sweat into puddles

By Mir
June 24, 2015

Greetings from… somewhere. I’m not sure where we are, right at this moment. We’ve stopped for lunch on a whirlwind Tour Of Campuses and so far we are still speaking to each other and cheerful, so things are going great. This is especially impressive when you consider that it’s currently 90-something and 70-something-percent humidity and we just spent hours tromping around a campus behind a VERY perky young thing who kept asking Chickadee, “Do ya like it? Huh?” (If there is anything Chickadee loves more than melting in the heat, it’s someone asking her repeatedly if she is happy and engaged. I had to stifle a snicker every time it happened. She kept answering, “… yes…?” which was pretty much Chickie-ese for “Please stop talking to me.”)

Anyway. We’ll keep hydrating and touring, and while we do that, you can go over to Alpha Mom and read about my summer rules for teenagers, if you like.


  1. Rachel

    My daughter just finished her last year of high school, so we are a year ahead of you on the college tour thing. When touring colleges, I thought “I could totally come back to college. It would be sooooo awesome… I’m so happy my daughter is at this exciting time in her life. I would love to hang out with my friends, drinking coffee & studying all day! That would be so fun!!” Then this summer when we attended Registration/Orientation, my thoughts changed to “OMG! Tuition!!! OMG Random Roommate in a 10×10 room! OMG Studying!!!! OMG Tuition!!! OMG New-unfamiliar-places-miles-from-home!!! OMG Tuition!! (not a mistake that shows up 3 times) OMG Sharing a bathroom with 60 people! OMG I’m so glad I’m not going back to college!” lol
    Enjoy the rest of your visits & time with Chickie

  2. suburbancorrespondent

    Did you check out North Georgia? Really pretty area, with a cute little collegetown and awesomely handsome Army cadets….

  3. Elizabeth

    California is far less humid; Chickie could come here for college! Seriously, hope it goes well and there is a candidate which is an excellent fit,!

  4. wendalette

    Not the alma mater? Not nearly so melty! :-) And I think the tour guides, while friendly and fun, are also so deadly earnest. No perking annoyingly, though.

    Wendalette (G’08)

  5. Mary K. in Rockport

    It seems like just yesterday we were doing that between junior and senior years, and that daughter just turned 34. It was fun! The cute guy quotient was not unimportant – but not the ultimate deciding factor.

  6. abbiejoy

    Are you in Richmond? :) Seems like this summer has been super hot and sweaty. Good luck with the campus visits.

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