Ain’t no party like a clearance sale party

By Mir
June 16, 2015

First: THANK YOU to everyone who responded to yesterday’s post. I found it very helpful, and the girlchild read all your responses as well. I love having a collective brain-trust to draw on so that it’s not always just WELL MOM THAT WAS JUST YOU. Turns out that nearly every female I know has a story of Mean Girls Back In The Day, which is sad, but also somewhat validating. So thank you for sharing your stories.

Second: How many posts can I write about shopping at thrift stores? A bunch, it turns out. Especially when I’ve just scored huge at a ridiculous sale. You can check out my latest at Alpha Mom, though it’s less about shopping and more about what my kid teaches me while we do. She’s turning out pretty great, that girl of mine. (And that brand-new Elie Tahari blouse I got for a buck isn’t so bad, either.)


  1. NancyR

    I am stealing ‘mullet clothes’ for my own use! Ha!

  2. Daisy

    So much fun! We went to a thrift store so that La Petite could buy an “ugly sweater” for a party. I found a holiday sweater that I liked. She was mortified. The end.

    Epilogue: I’m a teacher. I can wear “ugly” sweaters to work and be considered professional. So there. Hah!

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