I’m a disgrace

My favorite thing about writing for Alpha Mom is the occasional, drive-by, years-after-the-original-post which is always—and I do mean ALWAYS—someone who wants to tell me that I’m an insult to humanity and irrevocably screwing up my children. You have to have a pretty thick skin if you put yourself out there (which is something I didn’t always have, true) but the random general “U SUCK!” comments don’t even count. I find myself wondering what makes a person think “This is very important that I tell this person how displeasing and wrong I find them. I shall do it right now, for it cannot wait and takes precedence over any other matter in my life. However, I should be very conservative with my use of letters, as they are a precious resource.”

Because my life is lacking in meaning and direction… er, I mean, because I am filled with hubris and also because it’s my job (and also, my poor terrorized children think it’s HILARIOUS that I sometimes give parenting advice on the Internet), our new teenage-problems advice column has a second installment up over at Alpha Mom. This time I’m tackling homework wars, particularly when special needs are part of the mix. Not that I would know anything about that. My perfect children always complete their homework with joy and laser-like focus, largely due to my superior skills as a parent.

Please remit “U SUCK”s at your earliest convenience.


  1. Sheila

    U RUL.

    (Take that, H8TERS.)

  2. Dave

    U PRTY.

  3. Caroline


  4. Mir

    You guys are the BEST.

  5. Mary K. in Rockport

    Excellent article – wish I’d seen it years ago. And by the way, my daughter didn’t start on effective ADHD medication until partway through senior year after trying two other meds which had weird side effects. Wish we/she had tried it years earlier.

  6. pharmgirl

    The needle on the suck-o-meter didn’t even flutter.

    *so disappointed*

    I wanted to see the trolls come out from under the bridge!

    Obviously (I hope) kidding.

    Keep it coming.

  7. Karen

    Major suckitude is reserved for those who are so quick to criticize when indeed they have not walked in anothers shoes yet they seem to have all the answers. You don’t fit into that catagory at all – so if you suck, like the rest of us, it’s only just a little. Because Life.



    (best I can do, sorry not sorry)

  9. Chris



  10. 12tequilas

    U SUCK to the same extent as chocolate is gross and puppies are ugly.

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