Countdown to independence

By Mir
June 2, 2015

Chickadee is in the process of deciding which colleges she wants to apply to. This is exciting, but also just plain WEIRD, not to mention a little scary. (I mean, for me. Probably for her, too, but I don’t presume to speak for her.) By this time next year, we’ll know where she’s headed.

That means I have just one year left to teach her how to be a self-regulating semi-adult human being. AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAOMG. (Hang on while I type the rest of this with my head between my knees.)

Throw in the intrinsic differences between my kids when it comes to some areas of self-awareness and regulation, and I’m flying blind. It’ll all work out, though. I mean, probably. Right? Right. Today at Alpha Mom I’m loosening the reins in preparation, and we’re a little excited and a little nervous.


  1. TC

    My older graduates high school tomorrow. And starts college in the fall.

    Hold me.


    It’s a truly stressful time, thought it ought to be fun. It was, in small shining moments. Otherwise? Stress. So be prepared, and hang in there. It’ll be worth it in the end. I’m bursting with pride. And both shed and unshed tears.

  2. Lisa

    I’d love to have more details about the specific device-control/monitoring things you use (as mentioned over at Alpha Mom). Our oldest is now in middle school and I need to figure out this stuff…(also actually, the frenemy thing too).

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