Who says romance is dead?

Exactly eight years ago, right about now I was getting my hair done in preparation for taking another crack at the whole ’til-death-do-us-part thing. That feels simultaneously about a million years ago AND just a few weeks ago. Time is weird like that.

As is his style, Otto swooped into the kitchen this morning with a small flourish and a big, “Happy Familyversary!” and an extremely thoughtful gift for me and a family gift for all of us. He is the BEST. (Did you know that the 8th anniversary is pottery? I got a beautiful piece and we’re all going to a wheel class at a local studio next week to make our own creations, too. Again, I say: HE IS THE BEST.)

Because I suck, I confess that often I don’t get him an anniversary gift at all because I suffer from Gift Anxiety and his presentations to the three of us each year are always so thoughtful and amazing I feel like I cannot possibly compete. But something spoke to me this year, something I think he needs to have at this point in our marriage, and so I actually have a little something for him. Rather… it’s arriving today. Shipping was slow. So:

Me: I have something for you. But you have to wait until tonight.
Him: Oh?
Chickadee: GROSS.
Me: Ha! Not that, something else. It’s arriving tonight.
Him: Oh. [He sounded a little disappointed.]
Me: But hey, THAT TOO, if you want.

It’s actually more romantic when you can squick out the nearest teen. I’m pretty sure that’s a thing.

Happy anniversary, honey! Whaddaya say we go out to dinner tonight and find an innocuous way to mortify both children in public to further cement our love and kick off the next eight years together?


  1. Crickett

    For the 1st 6 years of marriage, it felt like it was “a week ago last Thursday!” Then we had a child. Now it feels like “6 months ago next Tuesday.” Time is so relative.

  2. Kim

    We don’t do the gifts to each other so well, and we are going through the plague right now (well, multiple cases of pneumonia/bronchitis, which oh lord, is a slog and a half). The other half looked at me Saturday afternoon,said “you aren’t getting any flowers,” and crashed. Mothers’ Day itself was brunch at our local Hilton (the kids think it’s fancy, and they serve grown up food and mimosas) and then the tv went on and the two of us crashed. But then! We’ve got a fruit fly infestation, and honestly, it’s all I can do to keep up with the everyday stuff, much less figure out where the flies are coming from. But he woke up and proceeded to clean out the two ickiest shelves of the pantry, and they were so gross,and he was on the floor doing it, and he is my hero forever and ever the end.
    Romance takes many forms, is what I’m saying.

  3. Lucinda

    We are hitting 19 this summer and I still can’t wrap my head around that. I feel 43 and old enough and I have all the memories but it still feels like it can’t be more than a couple years. So weird. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Aimee

    Embarrassing teenagers is always a worthwhile endeavor. Happy Anniversary, you two crazy kids!

  5. RuthWells

    Awwwwwwwwww. Happy Familyversary!

  6. Little Bird

    Happy Familyversary!! Pottery class sounds really fun!!

  7. Tracy B

    The suspense is killing me!

    • Mir

      Suspense about what? My gift for him? That’s only interesting to him, I’m pretty sure. ;)

      • Kim

        Nah, girl, you teased it pretty hard. Tell, please! (I mean, not the EWWW part, because…ewww.)

        • Mir

          Ha! Okay, the traditional 8th anniversary gifts are pottery or bronze. He got us pottery, I got him an antique compass. [Insert sap about him being my one true north here.]

          • Tracy B

            Aren’t you the most romantic!!! What was his reaction?
            (yeah, I’m nosey) ;)

          • Mir

            I think he liked it. Or he’s not telling if he didn’t!

  8. Jeanie

    Happy anniversary AND Familyversary!

  9. Brigitte

    What greater calling is there than embarrassing your children? ;-D

  10. Chris

    Congrats to you all!!! (and nice work on the gift)

  11. Daisy

    That man’s a keeper, all right! And the ability to squick out the teens: priceless.

  12. Otto

    The compass/sun dial is pretty awesome. Of course, now I can decree a day without electronics so we can use it and see how our ancestors found their way to the frozen yogurt shop.


  13. Mary


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