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The last time I tried to sell something on Craigslist, I received a slew of weirdo spammy responses about how “I come right now and pay you twice your asking price” followed by “and then you ship item to my little cousin in Upper Slobovia, yes?” and never anything that led even remotely close to an actual sale. I listed my item (a decent Yamaha student trumpet; anybody need a trumpet?) twice and had no luck either time. So when Otto declared he would list our old, peeling patio furniture on Craigslist and handle everything, I may have snickered to myself a bit. He listed it for twice what I thought it was probably worth, and I figured he could deal with the spambots for a while before we donated the set to Goodwill.

He sold it yesterday (less than two days after listing it). Takeaway: in case you were wondering, my husband is made of magic and Craigslist mojo.

We celebrated with cheap Mexican food out on the porch (Cinco de Taco!), wherein I commented only two or three times how much I love the new furniture.

In unrelated news, school is drawing to a close for the year, at which point I will officially have a junior and a senior (ZOMG A SENIOR HURRY PANIC COLLEGE ANGST AAAIIIEEEEE), and because I don’t want to think about what’s coming next, I am parking myself firmly in the current end-of-school-year angst with my youngest. He’s doing a lot better than he thinks, and you can read about it over at Alpha Mom if you’re so inclined.


  1. My Kids Mom

    I have a really good quality bike that I have put on Craig’s list, neighborhood lists and chained to a mailbox by a Little League Field. No sell.

    (If you live in Atlanta and want a purple, 20″ bike, we’re asking $75.) I just can’t give something that nice/still valuable away, altho you can check back in a few years and see if I’m ready to give up. I am clearly not Otto.

  2. Mary K. in Rockport

    Would you please send your husband here to Massachusetts to help me sell a bunch of stuff in the cellar?

  3. Michele

    We are looking for a trumpet! But alas we live in Missouri. It’s so nice to get stuff out of the house and to enjoy new stuff. With tacos!

  4. Brigitte

    We’ve had good luck buying/selling via Craigslist . . . so far. Congrats on your wicker money! :-)

  5. Mara

    I have both bought, sold, and given away stuff on Craigslist before. It’s all gone OK so far. The only weird bit was when I was giving away a broken lawnmower, the guy wanted to take a truck we had as well. Um, no, actually. The best transactions have been farm/ garden based: buying chicks, buying hatching eggs, selling a rooster (to good home only) etc. Using classified sites like Craigslist does seem to be second nature to farming/ rural types.

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