All I could get Chickadee to tell me she wanted for her birthday was permission to install Snapchat. (Owing to an unfortunate bending of the house rules a few years ago, that particular app was off the table for a while, because I am a Giant Meaniepants.) I let her go the entire day without mentioning it, then downloaded it to her phone right before she went to bed that night. Then, of course, I had to install it, myself, and it was even more cringetastic than this:

It got me thinking, though, that as inept as I am, it’s always worth it to meet the kids wherever they are in terms of their preferred method(s) of communication. I think Snapchat is dumb, but whatever. It’s working for us.

In fact, quite a few things I never would’ve predicted are working for us right now, so I’m sharing over at Alpha Mom, because maybe you, too, have a teenager daughter who wants you to leave her alone and cuddle with her, simultaneously. It’s not just me, right…?


  1. StephLove

    I will file these ideas away for when I have a teen girl (4 years).

    • Lucinda

      By then it will be something else. They fly through new things at lightening speed it seems.

  2. Stacey

    Ordered the journal for my daughter and I – thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Amy in CO

    My daughter is 10 and is exactly like this. One minute wanting to sit in my lap and the next saying “I don’t care if you come or not.” I take what I can get!

  4. Heather

    Holy wow is it ever hard to believe Chickie’s 17!!!

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