Trick your children into feeding you

By Mir
April 17, 2015

I love to cook, you know. I do. I love food, I love trying new recipes, I love nourishing my family. But—and this may come as a shock, I know—sometimes I am just REALLY TIRED and I think to myself, “Aren’t these people old enough to feed themselves??” The answer is “sort of,” because left to their own devices, no one feeds ME, and that is sad.

So when I was offered a review opportunity with the “suggestion” that I turn it into a “get your teens excited about cooking” angle, I was allllllll over it. They said “write about your kids getting excited about meal prep” but I heard “force your children to prepare a lovely meal for you,” but whatever; potato, potahto, I’m in.

If you have your own disgruntled slave labor available—or even if you don’t, but think it would be fun to have fresh, delicious ingredients and recipes delivered to your door—you’re going to want to check out our experience with Blue Apron. (Spoilers: Chickadee wore my Wonder Woman apron, Monkey finally got his picture on the Internet, and dinner was delicious. Also, we have a special promo offer for readers you should go snag.)


  1. Karen.

    Your Monkey is adorable. :)

    • Mir

      It is my completely unbiased opinion that he is the most handsomest. ;)

  2. KateB

    We had our first Blue Apron delivery last week and am ready for another one today. It wasn’t hard but it did make quite the mess! I think it’d be worth it (there were several spice mixes that would have cost me a lot of money to purchase the individual spices that would then sit around and go bad because you only use 1 tsp. for one random recipe) but maybe not every week. I think you can adjust the delivery rate.

    PS: I have the same Wonder Woman apron. Best Friends!

  3. Chuck

    This sounds like it could be a good thing for my bachelor likes to cook but eats out too much lifestyle. I will check it out.

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