Reentry, Casa Mir style

By Mir
April 15, 2015

I went away for the weekend and it was GLORIOUS. Listen, I know I tend to exaggerate for effect, but this is simply the truth: I have not had several days free of responsibilities (read: children) in, um, a really REALLY REALLY LONG TIME, and so with the help of a few amazing girlfriends, I spent 48 hours doing every ridiculous cliched “GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT” activity we could think of, far away from my delightful but needy family.

We: Ate sushi, drank wine, went to a spa and wore ridiculous robes, window shopped, made chocolate, gabbed endlessly, took pictures of our food, consumed a metric ton of chips and pico and bacon (not all at once), and donned matching pajamas. I cannot tell you how healing this was. I am terrible at putting myself first and so over the last few months I have just become more irritable and cranky in the name of “doing the right thing” (spoiler: not actually the right thing if you’re turning into a jerk!) until Otto sat me down one day and informed me that I needed to go on a trip. “I don’t care where you go,” he said. “Just take a couple of days and go have fun.” (He’s the best.)

It was amazing and then I came home and reality smacked me in the face, because that’s how it goes. I wasn’t even unpacked before it became clear that my son’s welcome home gift to me was… well, you can read about it on Alpha Mom, but you should probably bring some hand sanitizer and vitamin C.


  1. The Domestic Goddess

    That’s pretty much how my weekend went, too! HUH! How about them apples! ;)

    • Mir

      You funny. Please getcher ass over here, and bring pico.

  2. Karen

    Yay MIR!!! I say you should do this once a year!.. or twice if you can get away with it. And damn, that Otto… glad you decided he was a keeper.

  3. RuthWells

    Next time: KARAOKE! xoxo

  4. Mary K. in Rockport

    Be SURE to pick colleges where they treat incoming students like the big children they really are rather than saying, “Your 18 year old is a legal adult and must handle decisions independently. When they need help, they can take themselves to the Learning Center or to Student Health.” Yeh, right – that doesn’t work.

  5. HG

    Bacon shards, please.


  6. 12tequilas

    Where are the food pictures?

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