Developmentally (in)appropriate

It may not make sense to those of you with “normal” kids, but we always have to do a little celebration around here whenever we see “typical teen” behavior, given that whole asynchronous-development thing that tends to leave my special snowflakes lagging behind their peers in various ways.

So anyway, I had a touch of food poisoning or something, and Otto went out and bought me some crystallized ginger because he’s sweet, and then Monkey took it upon himself to enhance the label. I tried to get mad when I saw this, because COME ON, really? But on the other hand, it made me laugh, because WAY TO GO TOTALLY NORMAL AND DISGUSTING TEENAGE BOY. Well played.


(There’s nothing like a little orgy to settle your stomach. Apparently.)


  1. Beth R

    Yay for being a 13-yr-old boy at heart!!!

  2. Amanda

    Aww, doesn’t the org cane sugar feel left out?

  3. LizD

    Hahahahaha. I’ve lived with that boy!

  4. Aimee

    Ginger orgy = Ron Weasley’s fantasy

  5. Carrie on

    Does anyone else suddenly hear the theme song from Arrested Development in their head?

    And I have to admit, Ginger and Cane Sugar are great stripper names, but I am concerned about Cane Sugar and her raw orgy! (Can we tell I am an adolescent boy at heart??)

  6. laura

    So a crystallized orgy would be like a winter fest kind of thing?

    Happy weekend, feel better!

  7. Jen

    Yup. Here too. He’ll be 14 tomorrow and it’s sex jokes left and right lately. I’m only a little bit horrified and a whole lot of relieved that it’s normal teenaged behavior, in a life that is not always normal. :)
    Hope you feel better.

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