I’ve been keeping a secret

By Mir
March 31, 2015

The nice thing about being friends with people via the shiny box rather than in Real Life™ is that I can address only what I feel like addressing, and also you can’t actually see me. This suits my inner hermit just fine.

Today I’m over at Alpha Mom exposing the thing I’ve been trying to pretend didn’t exist (la la la la! can’t hear you!!), because the truth is that I have gained a lot of weight and I have been trying to ignore it rather than figure out how to get healthy again without potentially tipping my food-sensitive kid into unhealthiness.

I’m not sure I’m getting it right (but no worries, I am CERTAIN someone will come along to tell me how very wrong I am, thank goodness), but I’m trying. I’m looking forward to a day when we’re all healthy at the same time. I mean, assuming that’s a real thing that might happen.


  1. Michelle

    I so feel you on this. I have two daughters, neither one is overweight right now, but both have struggled with their weight. I’ve struggled with mine since I was a kid. I have it under control now, but it took drastic measures. I worry that I set them up for a negative mind set by spending years of their lives obsessing about the number on the scale. I never talk about dieting now, only moderation and healthy habits. I think they get it, but man is it hard!

  2. LizD

    Great and thoughtful piece. I love that you share these things with us!

  3. Brigitte

    I love my shiny box friends best, too.

  4. pharmgirl

    Go YOU. I start my second whole30 tomorrow. I did one in Feb and it rocked. You’re welcome to join along. The more the merrier.

    A skip down nostalgia lane: I think I originally found you through 5 plates? (Do I have the name right?) Loved your writing ever since.

  5. Meri

    The thing that’s worked for me best is to focus on being strong and healthy and feeling comfortable in my body; it sounds like what you’re doing. My mom is awful about fat-shaming and I’ve tried to change the dialogue for me and my sisters. We’re all 30-somethings now and are doing pretty well with body image. :)

    • Meri

      I hope this came across as supportive because that’s how I meant it.

      I need to work on all of this some more now, too. It’s hard work, but I’m looking forward to feeling better once I’ve started exercising regularly again. I hope I can get my boyfriend to tag along, too.

      • Mir

        Totally came across as supportive; no worries!

  6. Aimee

    Good for you! I have been exercising again too — I had lost a lot of weight, and then regained some of it. I finally feel like I’m on the right track, and I’m doing something similar to you. I’m taking a day off once a week, which is making it easier to make healthy choices the rest of the time.

  7. Barbara

    A while ago, I lost 50 pounds & felt amazing, held at a steady weight for 2+ years. I’m staring down the 10# I gained over the last year, because my hips are trashed & my orthopedist says only flat stationary biking for me. And now I’m sitting here in a boot with a shredded ankle & no hope if even walking for 5-6 weeks. It sucks, physically and mentally. I want to start a Whole 30 in the next week or so, hoping I can manage it when all I want is the fleeting comfort of chips & chocolate & wine! Good for you for just getting it done, and being a good role model.

  8. el-e-e

    *fist bump* Right there with you, trying to walk now that it’s nice out (and just realized, dang, forgot my shoes today…will have to postpone until after school/work). It must be a hard balancing act but I know you’re doing it exactly right. Support and admiration coming from my shiny box! :)

  9. victoria

    one of us…one of us…

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