Because I’m the meanest

They say you should be careful what you wish for, you know. Sometimes I think I WISH MY CHILDREN WERE MORE SELF-SUFFICIENT and then… I have to learn how to let them be more self-sufficient, no matter what that looks like. It’s kind of agonizing. Because if they would JUST… it’d be so much easier IF… but don’t you SEEEEEEEEE…?

Hell hath no fury like a control freak thwarted, is my point.

But hey, my kids will be adults in just a few short years (hang on, I just need to breathe into this paper bag for a minute), and time marches on whether I like it or not. As scary as it is, I’m turning over the reins more and more, even when I know it’s not going to go the way I want to.

Hey, at least it affords me good blogging material. Come on over to Alpha Mom today to read about how I’m letting go of lunch, even if it kills me (and it might).


  1. Michelle

    Just a suggestion: If she makes a weeks worth of sandwiches (minus lettuce, tomato, or mayo of course) they can be frozen and ta-dah, magic sandwiches (which thaw by lunch time and as a bonus keep the other things in the box cold).

    Also want you to know: I too am a terrible mother, my children have been packing their own lunches since kindergarten (they were supervised then).

    • Mir

      You know, all she ever eats for lunch are sunbutter sandwiches or bagels with cream cheese (if she’s not having leftovers)… both of which I bet could be frozen just fine. I’ll pass that idea along. Thank you!!

      • JaneB

        They both work fine for me (I have tested many shortcuts to get that extra precious 5 minutes under the duvet…)!

  2. 12tequilas

    Loved how you responded to that less-than-tactful person.

  3. Meri

    Hm, I wonder if that’d work for my boyfriend.

  4. Meagan

    This is totally non-related, but what was the cause (or at least solution) to Chickadees rashes? I’ve got some mystery skin rash issues myself.

    Thank you,

    • Mir

      Years of seeing the head of the Dermatology Department at Emory never did yield an explanation, I’m afraid. And we must’ve tried half a dozen hardcore drugs over the years to try to keep them down, too. I am both baffled and pleased to report that the current solution (doctor-ordered) is that she takes Zyrtec twice a day instead of the regular once-a-day dose. If she has a flare—which will happen from sun or chlorine exposure, usually—she can go up to as many as four (two, twice a day) and that will almost always beat it back. If it’s really bad, she does a short course of steroids. It does seem to be getting a bit better with age, though.

  5. Elz

    I think we’ve discussed that your patience level is much higher than me. I delegated lunches to my girls years ago. They know the categories to include, and get some good variety in as well. Plus, it is freeing!

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