Sleeeeeeeeep, glorious sleep

By Mir
March 10, 2015

Sleeping is my very favorite hobby. This is what happens when you never get enough of it, I guess.

My kids don’t get enough sleep, either. At least, one of them doesn’t. The other one has a way of figuring it out, but try as I might to encourage a mind meld between the two of them, this talent doesn’t appear to be contagious. Dammit.

If you worry about sleep and your teenagers, come join in the angst with me over at Alpha Mom today. Spoiler alert: I don’t really have any answers, but at least I’m very, very tired.


  1. Brigitte

    5th grade is middle school here, and DD is already sleep-deprived, between school, homework, activities, family time, play time, et . >:-(


    Your description of your daughter fits my son to a T. At our house, we probably spend more time talking about sleep than anything else! There’s always someone who’s not getting enough of it for one reason or another. Love me my coffee!


    P.S. I’m really enjoying your blog. There’s so much I can relate to!

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