Maybe she’s my spirit animal

By Mir
February 12, 2015

This week has just about eaten me alive, but I did take a few minutes out to admit that I might be seeing an apparition in our yard. I’m sure it’s a REAL dog. It’s just that… I’m the only one who’s ever seen her. That’s not weird. Not very weird. I mean, plenty of things are weirder.

Does a ghost dog explain my relative silence? Not really, but sometimes life is like that.


  1. JennyA

    Ohhh. Have you tried filming her with your phone? If she appears as an orb on the video, you have your answer. No, I have *not* been watching too much Ghost Adventures.

    • Mir

      This comment makes me ridiculously happy. :)

  2. Karen R

    My sympathies on your week.

  3. LizD

    Dogs good. All dogs, even ghost dogs. 😊

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