It’s my fault

This morning I sent both kids off to school with something akin to GLEE. Monkey chatted all morning and was clearly, FINALLY, feeling better. I’ve asked Chickadee several times a day for nearly a week if she’s feeling okay, and with growing impatience and annoyance she has assured me that she’s FINE, MOM, GEEZ, STOP ASKING.

So I told someone that we’re done with the flu and only Monkey got sick. Rookie mistake.

Chickadee went to the nurse around 11:00. The nurse took her temperature, which was normal, and then Otto and I ended up doing triangular triage via phone and text because I was headed to a hair appointment. I realize that sentence makes me sound like a privileged, self-centered jerkwad, but allow me to follow it up with the clarification that I have not had a haircut in A YEAR (not an exaggeration), and hair like mine doesn’t get LONG so much as it gets HUGE. My hair was minutes away from becoming sentient. Otto was able to bring Chickie home while I was getting my hair weed-whacked, thankfully, which meant I only felt like a neglectful mother instead of a truly shitty mother. By the time I got home her fever was already up to 101. So. Yeah. I’m just going to finish this up and go buy some stock in Tamiflu, y’all.

But last night, back when I still believed no one else was going to get sick (HAHAHA), Otto and I went out on the town. I wrote about it for Alpha Mom, when I apparently should’ve been hanging biohazard signs all over the house, instead.


  1. Lucinda

    I’m so sorry. Hope she recovers quickly and you truly are done with the plague.

  2. another sue

    You are not waiting for any of us to act shocked and amazed, right? Because I, for one, might have to work up to that. So sorry – hope it goes reasonably.

  3. Jamie

    No fun! Poor Chickie. Hopefully she pulls out of it faster than Monkey!

  4. Tara

    Ugh, this just happened to us, toddler edition. 5yo caught the flu, whined about the awfulness of Tamiflu for 5 days. Then we spent five healthy days gloating about how no one else caught it and 10 DAYS later, the 2.5yo spiked a fever and tested positive for the flu. Two days later, now I have it. I’m so sick of being sick. Husband and 5mo are the only ones left standing, and I say that while knocking on every wooden surface available.

  5. 12tequilas

    The word switching thing is called “aphasia.” Don’t that sound pretty?

    Once when my husband and I were in a restaurant, it was taking forever for the server to return and take our order. Seeing the server approaching, my husband said “close your door! close your door!” He meant “menu.” So that the server would know we were done choosing. I have had to translate for him more than once.

  6. Tracy B

    If I were Otto, I’d start on a pack of Tami-flu now. This year has been a nightmare with the flu virus. Believe me, if it comes back it’s really NOT pretty! Going on round 2.

    • another sue

      Oh, Tracy B – I am living in fear of this – other than a trip to the clinic – wearing a surgical mask that amazon was happy to ship to me – I have not been to town in 6 weeks. Perhaps bordering on paranoid, perhaps wise beyond my many, many, many years? I had to explain to people that I was not contagious, but that I am simply not yet (!) strong enough to catch someone else’s germs. I am a don’t look at me, I’m not really here kinda’ gal, so I was suitably mortified to be drawing attention to myself, but worse than that is my dread of another round. The first was a major kick in the backside. May the plague lift from your household and leave you with only sunshine and glittery unicorns, oh, so soon! (Your household too Mir – because no one deserves sunshine and glittery unicorns more than you and yours.)

  7. Tracy B

    Oh and I meant to say—Welcome Back to writing for us regularly. :)

  8. Daisy

    I hope the nasty virus (and its nasty friends) will leave you home and stay away. It’s been a horrible year for illness.

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