Here, have some toast in a pretty bowl

By Mir
January 26, 2015

Monkey is not recovering as quickly as I’d hoped, plus he doesn’t really like to be coddled when sick. Well, he likes me to fetch him things, sometimes, but for the most part he just wants to lie down in a dark room and cough in a way that makes me wonder if maybe he has tuberculosis rather than the flu. My constant, “Honey, do you need anything?” prodding is both annoying to him and doesn’t fulfill my need to MAKE IT BETTER, so I have to content myself with making toast, mostly. In case you were wondering, yes, I DO spread the butter all the way to the edges. Because LOVE.

I did manage to sneak out briefly because the other kid (still not sick! everyone knock on wood!) has an upcoming school competition for which she requires pantyhose. (Apparently the competition is taking place in 1985….) Confused by the bright orb in the sky and the fresh air around me, I drove to my closest Big Box Store to procure said pantyhose, and then decided to actually LOOK AT SOME BOWLS just in case there was something wonderful there. And there was!


(Here you understand “wonderful” to mean “colorful and cheap.”) We are now the proud owners of 6 new bowls which are NEARLY the same size as the rest of our bowls, and these are rainbow-y and make me happy, plus they were $2 apiece. I will remind myself of this when I start breaking them. Or maybe you will remind me? Thanks.


  1. Javamom

    LOVE the bowl but I have a single, but important, question: are they dishwasher safe? My lovely bowls have shrunk in quantity because of chips and things because my dishwasher is mean. (Or, at least the kids blame the washer). :)

    • Mir

      They claim to be dishwasher safe. Of course, at $2/pop, I don’t expect them to last forever.

  2. Karen

    I knocked on wood, Mir! Then I realized it looks like laminate.. so I knocked on weaved what-looks-like-wood material… Then I realized that’s probably not wood at all but some dried out cheap big leaf grass.. or something. . So finally I got out of my desk chair and knocked on the 200 year old WOOD BEAMS of this old house because damn it.. THATS REAL WOOD!

    Wishing Monkey a speedy recovery and Chick no recovery needed at all. Love the bowls, anything that says CHEER! is good, you know?

  3. Brenda

    Ooh, very nice! Because to me, Walmart cheap is as nice as I need. :)

  4. Diane

    They are lovely. It must be the power of suggestion, but I dropped a plate (salad size) Saturday. The first dish I’ve broken in…more than eighteen years, I think (living alone helps keep the breakage down). I’m still a bit devastated, even though it was a cheap, white service for 12 from JCP. I love your new bowls…I wonder if they have plates?

  5. My Kids Mom

    Only 6? Buy extra while they still have them!

  6. Jeanie

    I hope Monkey is well soon. Love the bowls. Colorful is good. Also, I’m so glad to know that you spread your butter all the way to the sides of the bread. One of my many pet peeves is just a smear of butter (mayo, whatever) just in the middle.

  7. tami

    Those are cute – which big box are they from – the pic wasn’t hyperlinked! Come on – tell!

    • Mir

      I have shame. They’re from the Evil Empire (Walmart).

  8. RL Julia

    You said you bought six. I say go back to the evil empire and buy six more to use as replacements when more bowls break. If you do this, they will NEVER be discontinued and will never break. If you don’t these bowls will be discontinued and two will break within the year. Yes. I am the bowl fairy god mother from Sleeping Beauty…. o.k. maybe not, but it sure sounds like I am! Congrats on your purchase.

  9. Jamie

    Pretty, pretty! Get well soon to Monkey!

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