2015! 2015! 2015!

By Mir
December 31, 2014

Happy New Year’s Eve! We are planning a huge celebration here, if by “huge celebration” you mean that Otto and I have been exchanging, “I dunno… what do YOU want to eat tonight?” phrases all morning and might head out to the grocery store in a little while so that we’re not ringing in the new year with only granola bars and beer (and I do).

This is the first new year’s in a long time where I’ve felt like the coming year really could be different and amazing. Of course, my definition of “amazing” has changed a lot, over the last three years or so, but that’s fine.

Life is hard, but it beats the alternative (as my father is fond of reminding me). And the other nice thing about life being hard is that when it’s less hard, it’s good. We celebrate every little victory over here, these days, and lately there’s been a lot of ’em. I’ll take it. I’ll take it and whisper and knock on wood about how this could finally be the turned corner, even. Shhhhhh.

In fact, we are in the midst of teaching Chickadee to drive, which is definitely an adventure unto itself. I wrote about it on Alpha Mom, if you’re curious.

Here’s to new adventures in 2015.


  1. kimmie

    I thought I needed to go to the store for milk. Nope. We have a gallon and a half. I’m staying in today….and tomorrow.

  2. My Kids Mom

    I went to the crowded store and picked up collards and black eyed peas, then decided we liked kale better and then swapped out the peas for a 12 bean soup mix. Sorta kinda traditional. We’ll at least make cornbread! The midnight thing? Totally not gonna happen. The South Georgia Islands celebrate at 8pm, and if you leave off the word “Islands” and assume all of GA would celebrate at the same time, then 8pm works. I’m all into approximations today.

  3. RuthWells

    I’ll drink to that, my dear!

  4. Jenine

    To the good kind of adventures in the new year! Thanks for all the words.

  5. Lara

    Well said Mir. Alive and kicking and grateful for those little wins. May you have many little wins in 2015. Happy New Year!!

  6. Sheila

    All the best to you in 2015, Mir and Co.!

  7. Chris

    When we are skiing we celebrate in Utah but on East Coast time so get to watch the ball drop and still be in bed by 10pm (easy since the traditional celebration is ordering in pizza and playing 5 crowns with the family)

    Happy New year!!!

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