Politics are sexy, yo

By Mir
November 4, 2014

What you can read from me this morning over at Alpha Mom: Why and how I talk to my teens about the democratic process.

What you will not find in the Alpha Mom post: The fact that my husband and I set out to our local polling place just as soon as the kids left for school, this morning, made our way through and voted with absolutely no issues, and then as we were exiting the building I walked just a leeetle too close to an open door and—while I was trying to give one of those cursory polite smiles to someone entering as we left—my purse strap snagged on the door handle and I nearly lost a shoulder. I was immediately transformed into one of those cartoon characters being boomeranged; first I continued forward, then my purse yanked me back and I nearly fell, then I disentangled my purse and tried to pretend nothing had happened. Super sexy.

Grace, charm, and smarts. THAT’S ME!


  1. Brigitte

    Gawd, I always seem to be doing that – if not with the purse strap, then with an open-weave sweater or a pants pocket.

  2. Mary K. in Rockport

    Furniture, car doors, doorways in general, and all manner of inanimate objects attack me constantly. I seem to be very snaggable – and you, too, apparently.

  3. dad

    Voting is not a contact sport.

  4. Chris

    And a Dad comment – made my day!

  5. Therese

    I wish I was able to laugh like a loon at myself when I do stuff like that, because when I see someone else flail & fail then laugh at themselves, it’s a huge relief and everyone laughs WITH them, not AT their fail. Which became a win.

    Wow. Did that make any sense?

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