You get extra credit, and YOU get extra credit!

Everyone made it out of the house on time and in costume, and everyone got extra credit. In addition, Monkey “won” for his class (which was apparently chock-full of Rosie the Riveters and not a lot else). While Chickadee’s teacher admired her commitment to the pun, they apparently had a spot-on Andrew Jackson in her class, so no grand prize for her this year.

I give you… the government shutdown, and the Great (grate! get it? GET IT??) Depression:


(Adjusted for the Witness Protection Program, natch.) I do feel a little sad that I cannot show you Chickie’s Emo-ized makeup because… it actually looked amazing on her. I’m glad she’s not a makeup kid, normally, because it make her look about 20 and ZOMG NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Tonight there shall be football, but no uniforms—the kids are allowed to wear costumes. No one thinks I’m funny when I suggest they dress up as marching band nerds. Hmph.


  1. JennyA

    Oh. OH. I may have to, um, *pay homage to* Chickie’s costume tonight.

  2. Jodie

    Surely that isn’t Monkey but some large and very young manly looking neighborhood child you had pose?!

    • Mir

      I KNOW, right?? *sniffle*

  3. Brenda

    My first guess at Chickie’s costume was the “Grate”ful Dead, but the “Grate” Depression is SO much better!

  4. Jill

    Those are fantastic!

  5. Aimee

    I’m laughing at both costumes — how awesome! I wish I’d had any costume that was half this inventive when I was a kid.

  6. Daisy

    Dress up as marching band nerds — hilarious!

  7. Leila

    They could have gone as band nerds during the government shutdown of the great depression.

    Some things never change…except the kids who seem to have gotten taller and more actual personlike since we saw them last week.

  8. Chris

    And The Bill costume (I know it was last yea but still one of the best ever!! My teens went as essie nail polish (cute -girls got immediately and boys not at all) and a monkey which consisted of ears and brown clothes in order to still look cool. I can’t imagine what they would wear if it had to be government themed.

  9. RL Julia

    I am completely dense- what is Monkey?

    • Mir

      He’s the government shutdown, Julia.

  10. Chance

    And the other one? Who is the other one supposed to be??

    Just kidding. I can read.

  11. Elz

    Love them. I love the assignment actually, and am all ready to dress up next year. That wouldn’t be weird at all, would it?!

  12. Kim

    Love, love the ideas! And as a mom of a 15 year old girl who looks about 21 when she does full-on makeup, I empathize.

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