Why (an explanation)

So my folks were here, briefly, and my father mentioned no fewer than three times that he was going to check my blog to see if I’d written. “Um, I don’t really write much anymore,” I said, as if he didn’t already know that.

“Yeah, but how will I know what’s happening in your life?” he said.

“It’s terrible,” added Otto, never one to shy away from ganging up on me with my dad. “I used to be able to check the blog before I came home to find out what I’d done that day or to know if I should be worried about something. Now I just have to GUESS.”

I waved them off. Whatever.

A day later, Chickadee cornered me. “Hey,” she said, “why DON’T you write anymore?”

She’s a visual learner, so I made her a diagram to explain.


Now you know, too.


  1. Mandy

    Yeah, I miss you, too.

  2. Amanda

    Sorry. I may have snorted a little too hard at the diagram. I only have one teen, but I so get it.

  3. Lisa

    Must have been a Freudian slip, I read that as “diaphragm!” We all miss you and you need to take care of you first. When I say that I mean please write soon. P.S. You’re pretty.

  4. Lisa

    I miss reading your wonderful posts

  5. Stacey

    I fourth or fifth the missing of your great words!

  6. Little Bird

    I think that two teenagers is a perfectly valid excuse for not blogging every moment of ones existence. I recommend wine. For you. Not them.

  7. Otto

    Yay! Now I can go home …


  8. Aska

    I also miss your wonderful words, lady Mir. :)

  9. Laura

    GENIUS. That’s ages 11-21 in an almost literal nutshell.

  10. Ruth

    Yep. That just about sums it up here, too.

  11. TC

    But I’m confused. That almost makes is sound like you care more about THEM and THEIR physical and emotional needs than US and OUR NEEDS.

    Nah, that can’t be it.


    • Mir

      This made me LOL. Thank you!

  12. Billie

    I miss your words too.

  13. mel

    I totally get it, and although I honestly miss reading your blog because I can so related to it, I understand. We all do. Take care of you, and we’ll be here when you have a minute!

  14. Mike H

    While I understand, I too grieve your writing has diminished.

  15. Ani

    My gosh that was both incredibly hilarious and hit oh-so-close-to-home.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  16. Ani

    Also, I would really like a pet unicorn. If only for a day or two.

  17. Karen

    Wait… Did I actually have a choice between raising teenagers and Unicorns?… there was another option??…

    Miss you too, Mir. Sometimes it’s therapeutic to share your life with others.. and sometimes, it just ain’t.

  18. Momzen

    But how will I raise my own teenagers without your model?!?

  19. Pippa

    Baby come back
    Any kind of fool could see
    There was something in everything about you (and your kids, dogs and Otto)
    Baby come back
    You can blame it all (on your kids, dogs and Otto)
    Cause we’re alone and we just can’t live without you….

    I’m sure I just broke a dozen copyright infringement laws. Please don’t make me go to jail in vain.

  20. Chris

    And I miss your Dad as well!!!

  21. Pam

    I miss your writing here, but I hope that you are still writing for you!

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